reblogged: The Beautiful Due, featuring David Robert Jones

John Blase has the most unique About section in his blog, The Beautiful Due. he is exhibiting his fellow poets’ work in The Common Good series. this particular poem by David “Davey” Robert Jones struck and stuck with me.

Machu Pichu, photo credit Melana Tysowski. But if she didn’t take it, then it’s probably from Tumblr and I probably have premature neuron atrophy.

An Ancient World

An ancient world moves
inside of you,
rocks me seasonal,
spins me solstice.
The heft of your sigh
                        beside me,
                               before me,
                                    within me;
my melody pulse measured in
your wind-song symphony;
your lips’ purse like
tectonic cataclysm poised
to wreck-erode my hold
of who I think you might be.
My only truth is,
my only certainty rests in,
your eternal mystery.
And just as your magma cools to form me into
cascading granite mountain ranges,
as I imagine you will fade into the obscurity of midnight dark,
your light pours over me,
a tide-summoning, lunar force:
I realize that you are, too,
in the strength of the incandescent,
moon-rock orb above me.