and on this Valentine’s Day…

…my true love gave to me…


Well, Duke University gave to me our third consecutive snow day, which constituted a 5-day weekend. (Does this make Duke my true love? Hmm.) However, make-up classes will be invariably dismal for the next week. Given that I have officially had more snow days in my one semester in Durham than the entirety of my undergraduate career in Milwaukee, the North and South definitely have different perspectives on what is considered severe weather.

Severe Weather Alert, Southern Version: whereupon all commuters leave work early, replicating a traffic jam no less horrendous than actual rush-hour, hoping that other vehicles would get off the highway while each driver tenaciously stays on the highway themselves, all moving with the balmy velocity of 3mph. Add snow liberally, and mix vigorously.

For everyone who’s stuck in this mess: please be careful. I’m sitting pretty with hours of neuroscience video lectures. Studying the brain is highly demanding on the brain’s Na/K-ATPase’s. It’s akin to the energy expenditure of being pregnant. With a brain baby.

T. Susan Chang for NPR

T. Susan Chang for NPR


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