oh Danny boy

I committed emotional adultery and mooned over the kitties at the local Human Society. Against infinitesimal statistic probability, there was an almost all white cat with mis-matched eyes. I smooshed my face against the glass on the door of his living quarters and watched him sleep for a half hour. He even slept like Precious, with one paw firmly over his face. When I finally went into his room, he walked to me, purring, head-butted my hand, then flopped over on his side and asked to have his belly rubbed. Then he took up my entire lap and made all sorts of contented sounds.

You could have left me in that room with him for the night and I wouldn’t have noticed a thing.

But I wanted to adopt him for the right reasons, not just because I felt hollow without Precious. I wanted to give him lots of love and a home he could reign over, to snuggle with him and scratch the spot on his rump that he couldn’t quite reach. I didn’t want him to be my re-bound kitty.

So, after a night of torturous questions, I have decided to not go back for Danny, not because my heart isn’t moved–he took it with the first head-butting–but because I am not in a good place to have a kitty.

HOWEVER, if you are looking for a lovable older feline companion, you can find Danny at the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Milwaukee Campus. The only detail that is incorrect on his information chart: he is de-clawed. He is 8 years old, about 14 pounds, a stately gentleman who loves carefully, but loves passionately. He has lived with a dog, and currently shares his flat with another cat, Pebbles. He prefers to be the only love of your life, and would prefer to have mature company. He is an avid hunter of feather toys on a wand, strong proponent for lots of petting, and will warm the entirety of your lap without questioning. He’s waiting for you.


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