the workaholic’s confession: part 3

official day 4 in NOLA: Metarie and the French Quarter, 23 march 2013

One should never expect the normal in NOLA, with normal being “not serving shots of Bailey’s Irish Crème in the grocery stores”. There are also drive-throughs for 44-fl-oz Daiquris, which I regrettably, did not get. We had originally planned to attend the Irish-Italian parade, however, upon arriving on location, found out that the parade was on the next day and stumbled upon the local Human Society’s Adopt-a-Thon instead. So I squealed for the next hour or so.

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Forecast of thunderstorms dissuaded us from a crayfish crawl in the afternoon, which is rescheduled for Sunday…not sure how we’d fit everything into one day. By now humidity has escalated my hair past the fro-wannabe and into an Asian Annie. Since I have returned to the Midwest the air can be dry enough I need to mash an avocado into my hair. We ended up re-visiting the French Quarter and saw a fuscia wedding at the Jackson Square.

Later in the evening my friend and her gals gave me a surprise birthday party and hence her incessant texting when we were walking about in the French Quarter. I was getting irritated with her at the time, then felt horrible about nagging her later on, since she was planning the surprise. The girls and I joked and laughed over tacos and wine and cake while the preview for Devil Wear Prada played again and again. A portion of the conversation can be seen below:

Concerning pick-up lines:

[After inquiring her major in undergraduate, a man said to N in all seriousness]: “Are you sure you didn’t major…in beauty?”

[In another incidence]: “Baby, I am made of boyfriend material.”

  • F: “So, what were you supposed to do with ‘boyfriend material’?”
  • J: “Apparently wear him…”
  • H: “Like a sweater. Obviously.”
  • J: “So what are boyfriend materials made out of?”
  • H: “Vinyl.”

So I had to give a “Sweater Report” when I got back to the Midwest. The Sweater turned out to be more polyester than cashmere.

total walking time: 4 hours

sandwich size is to scale.
this is a “half-sandwich”.

culinary report:

23 march 2013

  • French Market Café: Muffelata, made with three types of cheese and two types of ham, on a bed of olive salad and hugged between an sesame-studded bun, buttered generously and toasted. I am usually not a fan of olives, but with this sandwich, oh lawd, ah’ma believa. We washed this heavenly sandwich down with a Créole Splash, made with two types of rum, orange, mango, and raspberry juice.
  • Food fair, French Quarter: Grilled oysters, succulent and buttery and garlicy. We ate them with sporks in the drizzle. Pheasant, Quail, and Andouille gumbo. I believe the ingredients speak for themselves. Praline samples from the Southern Candy Maker’s. The shop smelled of butter and vanilla and sugar was paralyzing. I brought two boxes with me and they didn’t make it past the week.

You can find part 2 here, and part 1 here.


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