about Benedict

15 avril 2013

Dear Kristen,

I was in line with a throng of tax-submitters at the Postal Office, and the penguin on the front of this card just grabbed my attention. I think I’ll call him Benedict. Anyways, Benedict looked like he needed some love and I know you and I both have had some rough times recently so I took him home for both of us, and I hope he makes you smile as he did for me.

No one said being an adult was going to be this hard—at least, it feels pretty darn challenging, pretty darn often. But I will skip over the trite and cliché of “we have what it takes” or the heal-all elixir of “God will take care of it”. No, sometimes God tells us to take care of it and sometimes we just don’t care anymore.

Hard times or hard people or hard-of-hearing-in-average-intelligence-communication aside, I am glad to know you, call you friend, and live in the same house with the cat hair and leaky wall and rum and laughter. Definitely the laughter. And I think, at the bottom of it all, what makes life worthwhile and hard things less daunting is to know that people are here for each other, that they care even if they don’t understand, and that sometimes, it takes a little penguin on a card to remind me that we need each other, and that we are not alone.

Much love,



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