this is not an update, it’s an update on upcoming updates

so…it’s a meta-update.

i have lots to catch up on from my NOLA trip, now that i’m fully unpacked, thrice laundered, have tallied up my expenditures (cue: wince. if you hear a high-pitched squeal, it’s my bank account), and the cat has mostly forgiven me for disappearing. we’re not quite “warmed up” per se, more in the tepid range.

and miraculously, i have lost weight from this trip, especially considering i was eating almost constantly. alas, it appears i have miscarried my triplet food babies.

photo credit:

photo credit:

coming up: 

  • reviews of NOLA excursions.
    with accompanying
     photo gallery.
    if i can manage to make it.
  • a culinary update.
    you might want to bring a drool bib.
  • and additional items on my previous post.

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