the workaholic’s confession: part 1

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i’m in New Orleans visiting my friend. temperature is in the mid-sixties with very few clouds, and i am in full summer wardrobe. yes, future self, you will be jealous of your present self after going back to the Midwest. non sequitor: since my cat is aptly named Precious, i can channel my Gollum and talk in third-person plural.

traveling alone as a woman seems to gather quite a bit of staring from fellow travelers. otherwise, i conjecture that i had some serious wardrobe malfunction if my gender and lack of companion(s) weren’t the source of all the gawking. sometimes i wish i had a traveling companion, mostly to places where i don’t have a host; interviews, for example. that and going to events where a non-date date not only doubles for security, but is also someone to share the experience with: museums, concerts, theatre productions, cabaret shows.  granted, some of my guy friends won’t be much of a body guard if the need arises, but somehow having male presence seems to subvert the gawking in a lot of situations.

now that i am on vacation, i feel strangely guilty for resting. classic side effect of workacol withdrawl. i mean, my biggest crisis was “do i write or do i sit by the pool?” which was resolved by writing by the pool. even now i am trying to keep myself from organizing my notes from work and going through email. where did this come from? feeling marginally sinful for taking time for myself and practice the zen of doing nothing? why do i work compulsively? because i enjoy the work? because i want to feel industrious? want to appear industrious?

please feel free to share your insight on this mild-to-moderate addiction.

coming up:

  • culinary diary of my trip. i expect to return to the Midwest with food-babies. triplets.
  • the phenomenon of blogging/writing in a public forum, and how i want you to like me.
  • more entries in “Scribblings” and commentaries on my “Poetry and Verses”.

you can find part 2 here, and part 3 here.


5 thoughts on “the workaholic’s confession: part 1

  1. It does seem like a mild addiction doesn’t it? I was becoming such a workaholic, I was literally making my body shut down and would grow so anxious if I tried to take a little break. Sounds a bit dramatic, but it took that extreme to make me step back and say “this is ridiculous.” I think if your work fulfills you, that is wonderful and ok to have a minor addiction. It’s when you are just doing it because society has pushed you into it, that it becomes less ok. One of the most amazing things about living in Europe (Norway specifically) for me has been that people take holidays and personal time very seriously. It’s hard living in a society that equates relaxing or personal time with lazy. Allow yourself to realize you are re-juicing to get back into your day to day, and maybe you can enjoy it a tad more :)

    Also – I am game for a traveling companion as well next year!! I’ve done a lot of solo travels and TOTALLY know what you mean. Enjoy New Orleans, it’s near the top of my “must do” list in the next couple of years.

    • now that i’m back from vacation, all of the things i’ve delegated to “do later” are lining up at the door. i am going to take them nice and easy; a lot of times i tend to stress myself out with taking on too much all at once, so i’m honing my art of prioritize and taking spontaneous breaks.
      i wish we could convince our guy friends to travel with us without the social stigma, or having them freaking out about possible strings-attached. alas, solo on, my friend, and we shall be fabulous while we’re at it! :)

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