re: the art of asking

i’m doing taxes and making homemade Irish Creme. there is neither correlation nor causation between the aforementioned events.

my friends Joe and Jasmine introduced me to Amanda Palmer. editStardust introduced me to Neil Gaiman, then Joe introduced me to Sandman, which further introduced me to Neil Gaiman, who is married to Amanda Palmer, hence my previous mention of Bed Song. Neil, i would like to know how you managed to have two white dogs for the majority of a decade while sporting an entirely black wardrobe.

what Amanda captures in her talk goes beyond the prick of discomfort in asking, and i think there’s less cause for shame when the art-creators recognize the value of their work. it’s not that much different from a “real job”, except that the traditional boss determines my worth based on a systematic value bracket, whereas in the arts, i let you, the people with whom i share my art, choose based on how you each see me, based on the connection that we establish in our sharing.

for me, asking still feels weird, but i am working it out. some of you showed me a bit of love and encouragement this week, which did my vain little heart good. thanks for your support; i’m glad i’m not yakking into the cyberspace vacuum.


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