Rocky after Q

hi, i hope you enjoyed your no-school snow-day. i pulled a 10-hour day at work.


2 thoughts on “Rocky after Q

  1. Even as I get older, I still love the snow. This morning I cleaned off the car for Alyssa, drove her and James to the babysitter and then her to work. I walked the 1/2 mile in the snow back home, and cleaned off my car and shoveled it out, since the plow trapped me. Then I took a shower and worked from home for a couple hours. Then I drove in to work the rest of the day at my employer. It was a good day.

  2. we had a roommate bonding activity of shoveling ourselves out of the driveway. also, last night when it was snowing in earnest, a half dozen vehicles didn’t stop soon enough at our intersection and cruised into our already-very-snowy driveway before sheepishly backing out.
    i like your day too.

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