bucket list, february 2013

i’ve been considering acquiring a Bengal cat. they look like this…

photo credit: bengalcat.com

and this…

photo credit: bengalcat.com

and grow up to be even more beautiful. i don’t know how they do it.

photo credit: helmiflick.com

also comes in silver…

photo credit: helmiflick.com

i want.


8 thoughts on “bucket list, february 2013

    • i do. i’m talking with a Bengal breeder about potential pet-quality kitties, and looking up on Bengal rescues. if i am too discouraged i will adopt a mutt. either way, the matriarch-in-residence has to have her sniff of approval.

    • Actually a good pet-quality bengal can be had for about $500 (my Tiberius was originally that price before a discount). Considering the humane society charges in the neighborhood of $150 for a kitten, and one might spend roughly $16000 over the animal’s lifetime, the extra start up cost isn’t that big of a deal. 2% more for Tiberius, about 8% more for Shizzle. Pet ownership is expensive over time.

      Rescues are an okay avenue, with good intentions, but often their requirements for adopting, and the contracts, are so over-the-top that it’s easier to just go through a breeder.

      • i’m looking at an adult that is about $400. with all vet bills included; considering my co-worker paid that much money in vet bills for her rescue cat, i think it’s a worthwhile investment.

      • I got both my cats at the humane society for $100 each, and the contracts weren’t bad. But the start-up cost ended up being closer to $300 each if you include litter boxes, toys, etc for the first, and the second had some vet bills because he was sick.

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