go east, gypsy girl

photo credt: Bloomberg Businessweek.com

trivia on my interview day: the waiting list to be married in the Duke Chapel is currently 4 years. if i start seeking a spouse now, the likelihood of my nuptial ceremony taking place there is still abysmally minuscule.

the solution to dissuading unwanted suitors, i have been advised, is to be rude and pretentious and un-charismatic and unapproachable. evidently, similar principles, when employed in reverse, apply to graduate school interviews when i want the admissions boards like me.

so they did.

since last spring when i decided to pursue graduate studies in physical therapy, i have interviewed for Duke University (in late November) and The Mayo Clinic (in early December). additional Doctor of Physical Therapy programs i applied to included University of Pittsburgh and Creighton University. the former does not require personal interview, and with the latter i had scheduled one for mid-February.

as of early December, i found myself being accepted by Duke. on the same day, i found myself being accepted at Pittsburgh.

as of last Wednesday, Mayo informed me of similar tidings.

so i cancelled my interview with Creighton.

and i am flabbergasted.

maybe it’s the Chinese upbringing thing: ye shall not be haughty for ye competes with 1.3 billion homo sapien sapiens who are just as excellent in every strain of aptitudes. and thus, i didn’t expect to be wanted by so many PT programs of considerable prestige. it’s like having too many suitors asking for my hand in marriage, and I have to decide with whom I will be the happiest and the least destitute.

and after alternating episodes of “whoa…what?” and “life-decision! panic!” i have decided to be Duke-bound.

several things i am looking forward to as a North Carolinian:

1. less than 6 months of winter per year

2. hence, less than 6 months of my car covered in alternative layers of salt and dirt, repeat ad nauseam

3. hence, longer than 6 months of growing season. cat lady + window-box herb garden; call me Ishmaella.

4. being situated mid-way between the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. approximate radii: 2 hours by car.

5. smile enigmatically at people trying to pronounce the name of the basketball coach, Mike Krzyzewski. there’s a –ville that is named after him. it is surreptitiously referred to as “the shrine”.

6. partaking in “palpation parties”. the PT students learn to identify each muscle and bone landmark by touch and try not to detonate hysterical laughing landmines. i have a short tickle-fuse.

7. anatomy by catchy-poetry, as i have heard from my predecessors.

8. rent-a-tent for less than $10, for outdoor excursions in the aforementioned wilderness habitats.

now that i will be officially a diable bleu (diablesse bleue?), a Hogwarts house-color scheme has been hitherto fulfilled by my education institutions:

Gryffindor: University of Minnesota

Slytherin: Wisconsin Lutheran College

Ravenclaw: Duke University

and for post-doctoral sojourn, i should nonchalantly look for yellow-and-black color combination. now taking suggestions.

Duke Graduate Student Union keeps sending me lucrative events that i cannot attend. i will make up for the taunting by attending everything possible once i arrive.

you are cordially invited to a NC road trip.


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