it’s like online dating

first entries are fickle, like the “add a message” box when sending a friend request on the almighty-social-media forum. it’s awkward, and i’m awkward, and i’m tempted to contrive for something witty, then re-consider staying with the bland, while my caffeinated chaos is verging on exploding onto the page and likely to frighten you away.

hello, i am glad you came by.

as i am mostly illiterate in the worlds of software and all things tech savvy, credits are due to several people, for their input, encouragement, and technical support: Jacqueline Gardner, Micah Ricke, and Jimmy Pautz. and also, the multi-talented Preston Yancey.

it’s like making movies. one should stay for the credits and cheer for the “gaffers”. actors are clueless without their tape-marks.

i hope to share with you what i find interesting, and more so, hear your thoughts. i look forward to muse with you.


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